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  1. This is so cool. Did not know there were 2 blogs about snp’s – who would have thunk it? I hope you will check out my website
    http://snp-etc.com and I also have a facebook page “Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers – Collecting”. This hobby is really bowing up in cyberspace – love it!

  2. I had back in the 70’s collected with my then fiance 600 pairs of S&P’s. We went the ususal route of garage sales, flea markets and knickknack stores. The best part of the collection was when we were newly married in 1972 so were our circle of friends. When ever someone would go on a honeymoon/vacation they would bring us back a s&p from their travels….some kitchy,some antiques from their shopping around but always remembering us on a trip they were on. I always considered them as collectors with us. Alas many years later in the DIVORCE i got the child and HE got the collection. I definately got the better part of the deal!!! Thanks for your blog and sharing all the info about a wonderful item to collect.

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