A Completely Different Place

Why is Johnny Nesbit trapped in a bottle?

Johnny Nesbit knows all about the Strangers – the fairies who stole his baby sisten a year ago. He knows they must be involved when he wakes up in a pink bedroom, in a strange house, within a glass bottle – being held by his former classmate Cheryl Zennor. The new, pint-sized Johnny must once again risk his life to combat the Strangers, get himself and Cheryl home, and rescue the small army of green-skinned children for whom Cheryl cares. And Johnny knows that things are never as easy as they seem when Strangers are involved.

Published in Canada 
by Groundood

Published in the United States
by Simon and Schuster.

“. . . this is a highly imaginative, funny novel, without a dull moment. Nodelman’s writing is smooth and competent, his characters are full-bodied , and his plotting is unique and energetic. . .” Rachna Gilmore, Ottawa Citizen

“Fans of Johnny Nesbit will not be disappointed with this book. It is not quite as suspenseful as his first adventure, but it has the same breezy narration, and it is a whole lot of fun.” Karen Herc in VOYA

A Completely Different Place successfully walks the line between light and dark fantasy, managing to be both funny and creepy at the same time.” Lela Olszewski, SF Site

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