Neverland and Our Land: Imagining Indigenous Peoples in the Worlds of Peter Pan

A discussion of the various ways in which the Indigenous people included in James Barrie’s Peter Pan stories have been depicted on stage and screen and in a wide range of illustrations, editions, and adaptations of his plays and novels.

Characteristics Frequently Present in Texts Written for Children

This list, which appears at the end of the first chapter of my book The Hidden Adult: Defining Children’s Literature, emerged from a close reading of five different but, I believe, representative English-language stories for children.

The Pleasures of Literature

A version of a list that first appeared in my textbook The Pleasures of Children’s Literature of a variety of ways in which literature offers readers pleasure.

Octogenarian Literature

Written many years ago, this piece imagines a world in which younger people specialize in octogenarian literature and clever practitioners of senile literature are sometimes awarded the Oldbery prize.

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