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We Are Still All, Censors–and that Includes Perry Nodelman

In 1992, I wrote an essay called “We Are All Censors,” in which I offered my opinions about censorship in the world of children’s books and culture. It was published by the journal then called Canadian Children’s Literature. Almost three decades later, I received an email from a representative of the Brazilian children’s literature journal and publisher Emilia, asking if they might republish this old essay in a Portuguese translation. Not having looked at the essay for many years, I reread it–and then told the people at Emilia that, having changed my mind about various things as the years passed, I really didn’t like the idea if the essay appearing now in a different context. They then suggested the possibility of a small book, with the original essay accompanied by a new one talking about how my views had changed and why. That seemed fair to me, and I proceded to write the new essay. Emilia published the book containing both essays in Portuguese in August 2020.

Somos mesmo todos censores?

You can download a PDF of the original essay first published in 1992 here:

We Are All Censors

And you can read an English version of the newer essay here:

We Are Still All, Censors–and that Includes Perry Nodelman

Alternating Narratives

As I worked on this book, I explored many novels with alternating narratives, and reported my responses to them in blog entries. You can find those entries HERE

There are also discussions of books with alternating narratives that I wrote about in earlier drafts and then cut before the book was published; they can be found HERE.

Words about Pictures

More Words About Pictures

More Words

The Hidden Adult

The Hidden Adult

The Pleasures of Children’s Literature

Pleasures of Children Literature, 3d Edition

See Essays about Children’s Lit for links to various articles available online.

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