E.T., Go Home

This is another example of a stacker (or nester).  As two separate pieces it represents a somewhat odd couple brought together, it seems, by their shared connection to outer space: One is some kind of one-eyed alien or ET; the other appears to be an astronaut in a G-suit.  Neither appears to be happy, the reasonContinue reading “E.T., Go Home”

Perhaps a Tinge of Sexual Innuendo?

Writing my last post about the hot dog and wiener nesters, I found myself being reminded of a scene in one of my favourite books for young people, Brian Doyle’s Angel Square, and especially this scene describing a conversation the main character has with one of his classmates: I was remembering something that happened withContinue reading “Perhaps a Tinge of Sexual Innuendo?”

On Top of Old Smoky–and Other Places to Be on Top of

In my last post, I talked about a shaker set that consisted of two parts of Mt. St. Helen’s: the top part of it that blew off in 198o, and the bottom part that remained behind.  According to the website of the Novelty Salt and Pepper Shakers Club,this makes my Mt. St. Helen’s set a representativeContinue reading “On Top of Old Smoky–and Other Places to Be on Top of”