Johnny Nesbit’s Neighbourhood

This is a picture of Fisher Street looking north towards Fisher Park. It was somewhere around here that Johnny had his first conversation with Liam Green. This picture was taken late in the afternoon at some time in the winter. There isn’t very much snow, which suggests that the picture was probably taken after the first snow of the season rather than late in the winter, when snow would have been piled up on the sides of the road by snow plows. My house is on the corner of this street, but it isn’t in the picture. Johnny’s house is just around the corner to the left, on Wavell Avenue.

This is Johnny’s street. You can see in the lower right hand corner my shadow as I take this picture. Or perhaps it might be a spy from the Stranger court.

Many of Johnny’s exciting adventures take place in the park near his house. Here is one of the hills in the park, maybe the one which opens up to show Mrs. Fordyce.

Johnny likes to explore the monkey trails beside the river. Here is a picture of one of them. In the background is the bridge. It was near here that the Johnny saw the Sky Yelpers attack the little girl with the horn.

Johnny enters the land of the Strangers by going through on of the storm sewer outlets on the shore of the river. Here is a picture of it, securely bolted shut! The line across the picture is the high water mark.

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