More Minds

Things sure are wrong, and Lenora wants to right them. The headstrong princess craves an adventure, and defeating the giant who has appeared up north would be a great one. The trouble is, no one will let her help. They want her to stay behind and plan her wedding to Prince Coren of Andilla, but Lenora has absolutely no use for color schemes or pew ribbons. Using the power to create whatever she imagines –an ability that all Gepethians have, but have agreed not to use–Lenora imagines a duplicate of herself (a duplicate who cares about pew ribbons) to stay at home, while she sets off on her mission. Quickly, Lenora realizes that the giant is just a symptom of a larger problem, and as she is joined by Coren and both of their duplicates, her adventure spirals out of control. 

“This second collaboration will be welcomed by those who enjoy challenging fiction, told with humor and energy.”–School Library Journal

And now, available in a new edition:

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