Recent Unlinked Essays

The essays listed here are recent articles and chapters in recent books that are still in print, which prevents me from linking to PDF versions of them.

At Home on Native Land: A Non-Aboriginal Canadian Scholar Discusses Aboriginality and Property in Canadian Double-Focalized Novels for Young Adults,”  Home Words: Discourses of Children’s Literature in Canada.  Ed. Mavis Reimer.  Waterloo: Wilfred Laurier UP, 2008.

“Words Claimed: Picturebook Narratives and the Project of Children’s Literature.”  New Directions in Picturebook Research.  Ed.  Teresa Colomer, Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer, and Cecilia Silva-Díaz.   New York and London:  Routledge, 2010.  11-26.

My Name is Elizabeth: Discovery in Children’s Literature.” (Re)imagining the world: Children’s Literature’s Response to Changing Times. Ed. Yan Wu, Kerry Mallan, and Roderick McGillis, Heidelberg New York Dordrecht London: Springer, 2013. 43-53.

”’Clever Enough to Do Variations’: Sendak as Visual Musician.“ International Research in Children’s Literature 6.1 (2013): 1–14

Michael Yahgulanaas’s Red and the Structures of Sequential Art.” Seriality and Texts for Young People: The Compulsion to Repeat. Ed. Nyala Ali, Deanna England, and Melanie Dennis Unrau.  Basingstoke, Hampshire and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. 188-205.

”Living Just Beyond the Wall: Versions of the Savage in David Almond’s Novels” and “David Almond’s Heaven Eyes as a Complex Variation.” David Almond. New Casebooks.  Ed. Rosemary Johnston.  Basingstoke, Hampshire and New York, 2014. 31-49, 138-153.

The Scandal of the Commonplace: The Strangeness of Bestselling Picturebooks.”  Challenging and Controversial Picturebooks: Creative and Critical Responses to Visual Texts. Ed. Janet Evans. London and New York: Routledge, 2015. 33

“The Hidden Child in the Hidden Adult.” Part of a forum on Children’s Agency, ed. Richard Flynn. Jeunesse 8.1 (2016): 266-277. 

The Young Know Everything: Oscar Wilde’s Fairy Tales as Children’s Literature.” Oscar Wilde and the Cultures of Childhood. Ed. Joseph Bristow. Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.

“Introduction” to More Words About Pictures, a collection of essays based on a symposium held at the University of Winnipeg in June 2013 to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the publication of my book Words About Pictures. Routledge, 2017

“Children as “Children of All Ages”: Alexander Calder, David A. Carter, and the Childlikeness of Mobile Art and of the Moveable Book.”Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures 9.1 (2017): 20-34.

“Fish is People.” Bookbird 57.2 (2019): 12-21. 

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