The Curse of the Evening Eye

In The Ghosthunters 2: The Curse of the Evening Eye, Molly and Adam take the show (and grandpa) on the road as they attempt to outwit a very nasty spirit. Along the way, they’ll need to rely on a few kindly ghosts, as well as a Reggie Crankshaft look-alike who knows more than he should about their family history. Picking up where The Proof That Ghosts Exist leaves off, The Curse of the Evening Eye is another gangbusters spook story complete with the authors’ trademark chills, thrills, mysteries, and laughs. Key Porter Books, 2009

“The Ghosthunters trilogy toys with the idea of proof. In the first book, there is the proof that ghosts exist, and in this second book, the children are attempting to uncover the proof of Lucinda’s innocence to a crime. Matas and Nodelman add in small, seemingly insignificant comments about the nature of time, the nature of the spirit world ― they are silently raising ideas about the way that we know and understand the world. These precious little gems of information embedded in this series invoke reflection and wonderment about the world as we know it ― or think we know it. The story, itself, is written with clarity and suspense, pushing the reader onward. The characters are also witty, charming, well-developed, and lovable.”Reviewed by Brianne Grant, Master of Arts, Children’s Literature, University of British Columbia, for CM, Volume XVI, Number 30, April 9, 2010

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