The Hunt for the Haunted Elephant

Molly and Adam Barnett have had more than enough trouble
lately. First, they learned that ghosts do exist. Then, they
uncovered an old family curse. And things just got even
worse. Turns out the emerald in Reggie’s ring isn’t just a
valuable jewel. It was once an eye on an ancient, Indian elephant
carving. The other eye—a sapphire—is nowhere to be
found, which is really too bad, since the separation of the
two jewels led to the family curse. Even worse? If the eyes
aren’t soon returned to the elephant, the world will be
doomed. The Barnetts head off to the old family home outside
of Oxford, England, in search of the elephant. Will
Molly and Adam—and some new ghostly friends—be able
to find the elephant, and the missing eye, in time?
In The Hunt for the Haunted Elephant, Carol Matas and
Perry Nodelman offer a satisfying conclusion to their Ghosthunters trilogy filled with thrills, chills, and more than a few laughs.

Key Porter Books, 2010

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