TV, Movies, and Popular Culture

Every Saturday Morning While You’re Asleep: Notes of a TV Watcher (What I saw when I joined my children while they watched Saturday morning TV in 1982)

I See by your Outfit: B Westerns and Some Recent Texts about Cowboys

The Objectionable Other, or, Walter de la Mare Meets My Little Pony: A consideration of the similarities and differences of popular literature and “serious” literature

Searching for Treasure Island: a discussion of movie versions of R.L. Stevenson’s novel, included in Classic Children’s Novels and the Movies, ed. Douglas Street. New York: Frederick Ungar, 1983.

Teaching Girls about Men: Attitudes to Maleness in Teen Magazines

Toy and Dress Porn (some thoughts about the moral and sexual implications of photographic and other visual depictions of clothed and naked children)

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