Cute Newt?

And continuing the theme of cuteness as a way of defusing danger, there are these guys:

I’m not exactly sure, but I think they’re supposed to represent Humpty Dumpty.  But why would you have or need two Humpy Dumpties at the same time, unless one were whole and the other smashed?  Or, come to think of it, maybe they’re supposed to be Lewis Carroll’s Tweedledum and Tweedledee?  At any rate, though, these are clearly people who look like eggs, or perhaps eggs with the faces of people.   But you ask, which people?  Don’t they maybe remind you of someone–especially the one on the left?  Someone who maybe looks a little like this?

I mean seriously, it’s the same face, right?

The same chubby cheeks, the same self-satisfied grin?  I’m fairly sure the people who designed and made this set of shakers didn’t actually intend them to look so Newt-like.  but once I noticed the similarity, I had no choice but to admire the way the shaker both captured the eggy essence of Newt, and the way in which the egginess of that essence diminished, for a few seconds at least, my personal distaste for the hypocritical egocentricity and self-proclaimed eggheadedness of the patriarch so exactly evoked.  Would that the actual Newt were so harmlessly cute.  Then there’d be no need at all for a wall or a fall.

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