Once More for Old Times Sake

The chain of go-withs continues.  First an egg with a goose, then a goose with an old lady, and now, an old lady with . . what?

One old lady–no, let us say one mature lady–goes, first of all, with another mature lady:And then, one mature lady clearly goes with a mature gentleman.  Well, if you’ve read the lady’s apron, a not-really-all-that mature gentleman:If you’re mature enough to be having trouble reading the small print on the apron, this is what it says close up:“You and Your ‘One More For Old Times Sake'”!!

It’s a joke, see?  She’s a pregnant mature lady, see?  Sex still happens after the age of 35, see?  Hilarious, right?  As my own slightly immature parents used to say, “Laugh?  I thought I’d never start.”

On the evidence of my collection, salt-and-pepper shaker sets tend more toward the cute than the jokey; and when there are jokes, they tend, as here and as in the two sets of aboriginals with poems in what is supposedly hilariously ungrammatical English that I discuss here and here, they tend to be verbal rather than visual jokes.  I do, however, have a few other pairs that offer the kind of visual humour represented here by the mature lady’s large belly, which I’ll get around to discussing sometime soon, maybe.

Meanwhile:  it’s interesting how these two shakers evoke the advanced age of this couple by providing both of them, not only with the stereotypical huge glasses of old age, but also, by propping those huge glasses stereotypically below their eyes, so that they can both peer over them as old people in their far-sighted cynicism supposedly always do.  It’s also interesting in the context of this couple’s theoretical defiance of commonplace ideas about old people and sex that in spite of their daring rebelliousness, he still wears  conventionally masculine blue and she conventionally feminine pink–not to mention a typical old lady’s hair in a bun and an apron.  In salt-and-pepper world, stereotypes are forever.  And yet, still, and always, ever so cute, for despite the suggestive humour and the stereotypes, this couple is finally, more than anything, simply adorable.  And bound to have the cutest of cute babies.

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