Eggs Past and/or Eggs to Come

Once more, no eggs are visible in this salt and pepper shaker set

chicken and roosterBut clearly, you can’t have a chicken (or a rooster) without an egg first, right?  And if you have a chicken (and, of course, a rooster) then there is a good possibility that you might some time soon have an egg or two.  So there are, here, implications of past eggs, and implications of eggs to come.

This set has a very complex colour palate–much more so than your average novelty salt and pepper shaker set.  As well as having bright red combs, yellow legs,  and black  and pink tails, these birds have feathers in a complex inter-mixture of brown, pink, yellow, and white.  Much more artistic and impressionistic than your average novelty shaker–more impressionistic in fact, than cute.  Which is very unusual.

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Children’s literature critic and author of books for children

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