The Spice of Life

I’ve just noticed that the angles from which I took the pictures in my last post didn’t show the words apparently tattooed along the amputated woman’s side:


So this shaker set is not just a dehumanizing objectification of female body parts, it seems: it’s also a celebration of that objectification as a credo to live by: detachable breasts and an armless and legless torso are the spice of life–what makes it worth living, what makes it tasty.  Heads and arms are so humdrum, right?  Not to mention undetachable breasts.  I suppose it means that sexy bodies, or maybe just sex in general, are the space of life–but it sure has an alarming way of representing that.

Usually, people say that variety is the spice of life.  This is certainly an unusual variety of womankind being depicted here.  And an unusual way of adding spice on one’s life: just grab a breast and shake it.

And is it just me, or are those detachable breasts just a teensy bit out of proportion with the rest of the headless woman?

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