Chubby Chefs Cooking for Campbells

Yet another set of chubby-cheeked chefs:

This wide-eyed pair works for  certain soup company, it seems.  They are sitting on their cans.  Their cute chubbiness confirms the chubby cuteness cliché.

An odd thing about this set is the variant shape of the containers of condiments against which the two chefs lean.  He leans against a cylindrical container marked “salt,” she against a square container labelled “pepper.”  I’m tempted to explore the connections: why is a male associated with pepper and cylindricity (is that a word?) and why is a female associated with squareness and salt?  I can think of some reasons for the shapes, although they seem all too obvious to spell out here.  But I have no idea why salt might be more masculine than pepper is.

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