Ambiguously Gay Pigs and Kitties (or Bears)

And yet more sets of ambiguously gay male pairs!   Two more pairs, in fact.  I’ll talk about them together here because they are surprisingly similar to each other.

First, these are these two:

pig stackers 2

They are pigs, clearly, cute chubby-cheeked smiling pigs.  And even though they are wearing pink  (a pink jacket in one case, a pink tie and trousers in the other)  I find it hard not to think of them as male pigs–boars rather than sows–I think because in the very conservative salt-and-pepper miniverse, the females usually wear skirts or dresses to mark their femininity, and so things like trousers and ties seem inherently manly.   Furthermore, and despite the pink-tinged foppishness of their clothing, these are boisterously boyish pigs, not ladylike at all.  They even play piggyback:   
pigs stacked

But see, that’s the thing.. What are we to think of two more-than-likely male pigs, one of whom is happily perched on top of the other?  Especially after having recently looked st that pair of rabbits I talked about a few posts ago:

two rabbits

On the other hand, the two cavorting piggies are, as I said, undeniably cute, apparently harmless.  There’s nothing sexual about them at all, surely.  There are surely not as intentionally scandalous as, say, a depraved kind of mind-in-the-gutter might imagine them to be:

pigs at play

Unless, perhaps they are in the business of making sexuality cute and harmless.  Unless they are just a couple of happily out chubby pigs after all.

If they are (or for that matter, if they aren’t) they might make friends with another couple of ambiguous animals at play.  These two are ambiguous in more ways than one.  First of all, they might be kittens, or they might be teddy bears.  Ort they might be mice.  I honestly can’t decide which:

animal stackers

They are so soft-eyed and vulnerable-looking and adorable that they might be just about any animal at all, as long as it’s a cute harmless one with a tiny black nose.  Teddies or kittens or mice or just generic cute little creatures, they share the same kinds of clothing affectations as the ambiguous cute piggies:  the neon trousers, the snazzy loud sports jackets, the bow ties.  So they appear to be males, albeit rather foppish ones.  And also like the piggies, they are intentionally arrangeable as engaging in a specific kind of horseplay (or kitty-play, or teddy-play, or mouse-play) that involves climbing on top of each other:

animals stacked

So once more:  too cute to be sexual?  Or so sexual as to make the sexuality they might be representing cute?  Or merely ambiguous?

A technical note:  these are, of course, the kinds of shakers known amongst collectors as stackers.

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