Yet More Amputees

Touristic Trauma

Here’s a set of shakers that happily acknowledges its status as a pair of amputated body parts.  Not only are the feet off the body they surely ought to be attached to, but they also proudly announce, “Walked my feet off in Niagara Falls Canada.”  It’s a visual pun, see?  There’s no body, right?  These here are the feet that have been, literally, walked off.  Get it?  Funny, eh?  Be careful,though, about thinking about it too much, because it might make you laugh your ass off.

Why Niagara Falls, though, I wonder?  Why would you be walking too much in Niagara Falls, of all places, where’s there’s actually only one thing you need to see and so not all that much walking between the many attractions.  And for that matter, why feet for Niagara and hands for Banff?  And if these are actual amputated feet, feet amputated through too much walking, then might we imagine a parallel slogan for the Banff set?  “Prayed my hands off in Banff Canada,” perhaps?

At any rare, these are surprisingly happy-looking feet, charmingly chubby and cheerfully gussied up with the most lusciously scarlet of nail polishes and with their chubby big toes curled up in what must surely be delight.  Maybe they’re just relieved to have got rid of their shoes after all that walking.  And rid of the gross, surely chubby body that’s been weighing them down from above.

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Children’s literature critic and author of books for children

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